FinVA: Financial Intelligent Virtual Assistant

FinVA: Financial Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Presented on 16 February at the SUPSI headquarters in Lugano, the FinVA project, conceived by Cube Finance SA and developed in collaboration with Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI) and QBT Sagl thanks to funding from Innosuisse.

FinVa is an application that uses artificial intelligence with a machine learning process supervised by experts to assist the operator in client onboarding and continuous monitoring, in the area of transactions, but also in the compliance control of documentary records over time.

The use of artificial intelligence in FinVA enables banks and asset managers to benefit from active technological support that automatically and continuously assists operators in contact with customers and supervisory bodies.
FinVA helps to cover an important number of activities - from the pre-analysis of a prospect, to the mass verification of active customer files; from the onboarding phase of an individual customer to the monitoring of payment traffic for the purposes of anti-money laundering activities.

In the latter sphere, FinVA's stated aim is to use supervised machine learning to drastically reduce the number of reports - which all too often turn out to be erroneous and which weigh on the work of the bank's internal supervisory bodies - and to qualify by degree of severity the transactions that need to be investigated within the perimeter of supervisory/compliance activities.

It has been a real pleasure as well as an opportunity of professional enrichment for the whole QBT Sagl to be able to collaborate in the development of FinVA together with Daniela Koruna-Baldoni, the team of Cube Finance SA and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI).

Special thanks to Federico Cecconi, CSO of QBT, for his professionalism and commitment in the realisation of the project.


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