Intelligenza artificiale

QBT develops algorithms and calculation software in the fields of Fintech, Proptech and Legaltech.
This experience has increased our know-how, consolidating our ability to develop management software that we custom-design, in order to always propose the best technological solution to the customer's specific needs.
Through painstaking research and development, we have also explored new areas, becoming a benchmark in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and in particular in Natural Language Processing and machine learning.
All our research activities proceed in close collaboration with universities and research centres, which form the natural network of QBT's expertise.


Over the years we have gained a strong experience in the development of algorithms and software in the sector financial (Fintech) and in particular in the sector of non- performing loans of both a mortgage and unsecured nature, risk analysis, valuation of asset real estate (Proptech)is in the field legal (Legaltech).

We have approached the development of our products both through techniques traditional and through the experimentation of new research areas in particular through the use of behavioral models and agent simulation models.

QBT manufactures, on behalf of its customers, products and services white-label or in house, investing in the projects we believe in, which arise from research and development.

Fintech: Webservice

Fintech: SysTra - Automated System for Trading

Judicial Value (JV)

L'JV algorithm allows to evaluate, starting from'analysis of real estate advertisements d'judicial auction, the value to which a property will be awarded in judicial auction. We are also able to produce judicial real estate indexes on the Italian territory.
These indices can then be correlated to the main socio-economic indices and attributed to the individual OMI microzones into which the Italian territory is divided.


It allows you to automatically classify the legal documents uploaded and extract legal information from them (CTU, Legal deeds, Mortgage deeds etc) in order to optimize the analysis and / or the Data entry automatic of the same.


Application also webservice that semantically analyzes one or more PDFs simultaneously containing mortgage inspections relating to real estate foreclosures and to extract relevant information such as date, headquarters, applicant, data on properties (position, cadastral data, intended use, consistency ...) and on subjects involved (name, registered office, surname, first name, tax code, ownership shares ...) and, if present, the amount of the debt. Once extracted, the data is reorganized and inserted into a single Excel file which is returned to the user.


Version of LegalMorse specifically created for the classification and reading of the documents of the expert witnesses

Data Enrichment - PST

For all properties subject to judicial auction, starting from the address of the property, the system goes back to the number of RGE / Year and Court
Known RGE / Year and Court, through automatic access to the PST Public Portal, reconstructs the legal history of the property for each legal phase