Intelligenza artificiale

QBT develops algorithms and calculation software in the fields of Fintech, Proptech and Legaltech. 

This experience has increased our know-how, consolidating our ability to develop management software that we custom-design, in order to always propose the best technological solution to the customer's specific needs.
Through painstaking research and development, we have also explored new areas, becoming a benchmark in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and in particular in Natural Language Processing and machine learning.
All our research activities proceed in close collaboration with universities and research centres, which form the natural network of QBT's expertise.


Over the years, we have gained strong experience in the development of algorithms and software in the financial sector (Fintech) and in particular in the field of non-performing loans of both mortgage and unsecured nature, risk analysis, real estate asset valuation (Proptech) and in the legal sector (Legaltech).
We have approached the development of our products both through traditional techniques and through the experimentation of new areas of research, in particular through the use of behavioural models and agent simulation models.
QBT realises, on behalf of its customers, white-label or in-house products and services, investing in the projects we believe in, which stem from research and development.

Legaltech: Anti-Money Laundering


Software for the visualisation in graphical format of the relationships between the names in the client's anti-money laundering database, navigable and expandable by successive branches.

The map consists of 'private' and 'company' names involved in criminal offences upstream of money laundering, linked together in a single graphical representation consisting of the names linked together according to different indexes, in a navigable tree structure.

The content is in line with international anti-money laundering regulations.
The main objective of this product, a web service, is the reporting to financial intermediaries of names and companies involved in criminal offences in order to enable customer due diligence and possible reporting in the event of a suspicious transaction.