Intelligenza artificiale

QBT develops algorithms and calculation software in the fields of Fintech, Proptech and Legaltech.
This experience has increased our know-how, consolidating our ability to develop management software that we custom-design, in order to always propose the best technological solution to the customer's specific needs.
Through painstaking research and development, we have also explored new areas, becoming a benchmark in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and in particular in Natural Language Processing and machine learning.
All our research activities proceed in close collaboration with universities and research centres, which form the natural network of QBT's expertise.


Over the years we have gained a strong experience in the development of algorithms and software in the sector financial (Fintech) and in particular in the sector of non- performing loans of both a mortgage and unsecured nature, risk analysis, valuation of asset real estate (Proptech)is in the field legal (Legaltech).

We have approached the development of our products both through techniques traditional and through the experimentation of new research areas in particular through the use of behavioral models and agent simulation models.

QBT manufactures, on behalf of its customers, products and services white-label or in house, investing in the projects we believe in, which arise from research and development.

Proptech: Gemini Real Estate a Proptech Tool

Sviluppo software: AGPS System

Gemini RE is the web software platform-based developed by QBT for the management of real estate assets intended as property valuation and investment Business Plan also through the modeling of interventions ReoCo at judicial auctions (the system is multilingual with automatic translation also of the known fields)

Visit the demo at: http://www.cubiti.ch Request a trial access password at info@qbt.ch

Upload address by address or massive upload of the properties to be evaluated, through easy-to-use guided path masks.


  • Insertion of the client subjects, of the subjects to contact, of the accounting subjects for billing purposes.

  • Ability to extract all information directly in excel

  • Search with parametric filters to identify subset of the searched perimeters

On board of GeminiRe all the information necessary for the correct identification of the asset, the attached documents, the surfaces and the photographic documentation are uploaded.

  • Inserting contextual and incremental notes
  • Management of experts and related curriculum vitae for the correct assignment of the appraisal assignment.
  • System of alert on inconsistencies in appraisal values Automatic identification system of properties already value
  • PDF sheet for each property with the possibility of massive extraction of documents. The form is customized for each customer in accordance with the web application masks